OMAR – Based on thousands of true stories _2017_


director_Davide Gentile

dop_Luca Esposito

edit_Tommaso Gallone

Omar is not just a young man. He is the thousands and thousands of men and women who start this dangerous journey through the desert and the sea, victims of abuse, violence, robbery, torture, and illegal detention.
Many of them die.
This film is dedicated to them, and to their broken dreams.



director/dop/editor_Andrea Carrino


director_Diego Marcon

dop_Pierluigi Laffi

sound_Federico Chiari

A number of little girls lie asleep between the intersections and the architectural elements of the Casa del Fascio in Como, design by Giuseppe Terragni—one of the most important modernist architecture. Flashlights shine in the space, making the images appear for an instant–just the time necessary for the exposed frames to register with the viewer’s gaze before being plunged back into darkness. Around the sleeping bodies, some presences developed in CGI animation occupy the architecture and move around the space in obscure activities: nothing of their actions is visible to us, except in the fragments in which the image shows itself under the flashlight. Monelle is a circular film without any narrative or hierarchy, without a beginning or an end, and it circumscribes a place of promiscuity and ambiguity between the different formats used—35mm and CGI animation—and the approaches of two opposites film attitudes—the structural cinema and the horror genre.



director_Viola Folador

dop_Tommaso Terigi

editor _Fabio Landi


VIMEO          IMDB

director_Davide Gentile

dop_Luca Esposito

editor_Tommaso Gallone

“Food for thought” is a short film with a simple message: Does it have to go this far for you to get it? We don’t have anything against some occasional comfort food. We actually quite enjoy it. But constant unhealthy diet and physical inactivity are silent killers responsible for millions of deaths worldwide. It happens slowly, but eventually it happens, and sadly those deaths never end up on the front page of the newspapers. This is our small contribution to World Health Day. To raise awareness on this important issue.



director_Gianluca Migliarotti

dop_Pierluigi Laffi / Daniele Vascelli

editor_Grazia Vitelli

Driving Dreams is the first film dedicated to the men who conceived some of the most remarkable and visionary car designs of the 20th Century. The designers of an era that many call the Italian Automotive Renaissance. A series of interviews of leading men in the field accompanied with stellar imagery of their projects and cars. Shot to capture the finest detail and emotion. A story kept alive, burgeoning with the passion of thousands of ardent followers and enthusiasts. A film celebrating true creativity, passion and beauty.


VIMEO          IMDB

director_Park chan Wook

dop_Natasha Braier

editor_Walter Fasano

A brilliant young inventor and CEO has an opportunity to sell his world changing invention to a mysterious Chinese billionaire. But the two don’t have typical business meetings.

I KILLER _2012_

VIMEO          IMDB

director_Francesco Calabrese


editor_Gianandrea Tintori

Italy, summer of 1987. The infamous “Killer” gang is initiating two new members, and it’s going to be messy.



directors_Fabio Guaglione Fabio Resinaro

dop_Paolo Bellan

editors_Fabio Guaglione Fabio Resinaro

Lives, emotions, mysteries and personal conflicts of several people cross in a world forever changed by an amazing scientific discovery: the localization of the soul, the birth of an engineering of the spirit, the conceptual death of God…

O’MAST _2011_


director_Gianluca Migliarotti

dop_Pierluigi Laffi _Daniele Vascelli

editor_Luca Trivulzio

This film is a journey inside the tradition of bespoke tailoring in the city of Naples. It’s a story that wants to celebrates the people and their craft. There are some key words to this documentary: excellence, dignity, beauty, work, elegance, passion. Shots of Naples for connoisseurs.